Sometimes it’s hard to see our own when we are feeling ‘put upon’ by life. What follows is your opportunity to read someone else’s story, possibly similar to your own, where they too have been through the fire. I am humbled each time I read them and stirred inside to remember how Spirit uses me to help you heal and fall in love with yourself again. Some have been under care for a while, some have transitioned in one way or another…enjoy, connect. reflect. It’s your time.

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It was a dark and stormy night. No, really. It was December 2007, and I’d just received word in the mail that my husband’s divorce from me was finalized. I don’t remember if that’s what prompted me to finally call the office after two months of waffling, but as luck would have it, my first appointment fell on the morning of the winter solstice. Since my heart and consciousness were more or less encased in a block of ice two years thick, I have no idea what Dr. Lauren said that convinced me I should stay for the solstice fire, but it must have been good because there I was, clutching a piece of paper with my now-ex-husband’s name on it, muttering over and over, “I don’t think I can do this,” as Wendy unclenched my fingers one at a time and helped me drop it into the fire. My first clear memories since the morning eighteen months earlier when my ex-husband moved out are of driving back and forth to the office every few days that January, watching the light through the trees and feeling the beginnings of a spiritual thaw.

That spring I decided I wanted to go back to school (again) for my PhD, something I’d once promised myself not to do until my husband got the bachelor’s degree he’d always wanted. Dr. Lauren convinced me to take off my wedding rings. I stopped seeing my therapist of twelve years. I made a New Year’s resolution to look for joy wherever I might be able to find it.

In February 2009 I signed up for Reiki I as a birthday present to myself and followed up with Reiki II several months later. I also built up quite a collection of rejection letters from PhD programs during this time, and decided to start with a second master’s degree. December 2010 I arrived at the solstice fire on my third “anniversary,” having just handed in the final paper needed to graduate from that program, at the end of an autumn that involved horrifying take-home exams, more PhD applications, the murder of a student I’d previously taught, a marathon finish time I never thought I’d achieve, and the recurrence and treatment of a back injury that is simultaneously teaching me to ask for help and re-forging what had been a rocky relationship with my mom since my divorce.

Days before writing this (February 2011), I was notified that I’ve been nominated for a fellowship that would enable me to start my doctoral program in the fall. (!) I’m on day four of a Standard Process regimen for my back injury and woke up this morning without pain for the first time in three months (hmmmm!) Oh, and I’ve also found true love—right in my own skin. There must be something to all of this healing work. Remove the interference in every way and life does, in fact, get good.
Sara S.

When my husband was diagnosed seven years ago with a degenerative brain disease called FTD (Frontotemporal Degeneration) my world turned upside down. For the first four years I cared for Jim in our home. When he refused to take his medication, attend to hygiene or change his clothes, I made the decision to place him in an assisted living facility. By that time I realized that my physical and mental health was in real jeopardy from the stress of full time care-giving and if I wanted to survive his disease I would have to make some positive changes for both of us.

I had taken up painting and Tai Chi, was spending more time with family and friends, was active in Quaker Meeting but there were still pieces missing from the wholeness of Me. I didn’t know what those pieces were and wasn’t actively seeking them when a friend told me about a wonderful chiropractor she was seeing.

My friend told me how much better she felt and how much mobility and range of motion she had recovered since seeing this chiropractor who treated the whole person with multiple modalities. I called Dr. Nappen that day to schedule an appointment. I’d been under chiropractic care off and on since I was 22 (lo those many years) but had always just received adjustments related to back or neck pain.

Walking in to Dr. Nappen’s office for the first time I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore, or in the usual chiropractic office. If you are looking for a cold impersonal medical setting where you take a number and see the doctor for five to seven minutes per visit, please make an appointment elsewhere.

Dr. Nappen’s office is a gift to the senses, the scent of essential oils, bottles of colored oils on shelves, crystals on a table, music playing all to lift one up or calm one down as needed.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Nappen and I discussed health history, nutrition, her method of adjustment, and other methods of healing which she uses as well as my reasons for being there. It was clear that under Dr. Nappen’s care I would be treated mind, body and soul, and as an individual rather than just another crooked spine.

Since I began seeing her, she has treated me for back and neck pain, tendonitis, sinus problems, anxiety and depression. The back and neck issues sometimes recur due to age, use and abuse of the body but she always manages to twist me back into pain free shape! Tendonitis is almost completely gone, every sinus issue has been relieved without taking any drugs and I’ve been able to greatly reduce the amount of medication I take for anxiety and depression.

Being treated by Dr. Nappen has certainly helped fill in a major missing piece in the picture of wholeness and wellness that I wish to see for myself. Although I am no longer responsible for helping my husband with activities of daily living, I am still responsible for his well being, the business that was his and everything that once belonged to both of us. The physical, mental and spiritual support that I receive from Dr. Nappen encourages and strengthens me to meet the challenges on my journey through this life.
Susan Miller Abbott

Dr. Lauren Nappen has been our family’s holistic healer since the late 1990s (during my late 30’s). She was recommended by a colleague after I came to work with a painful case of sciatica one day. I was walking very slowly and was lopped sided. Lie was challenging then; the kind of scenario where Murphy’s Law is at play! I was looking for fulltime work in my profession, I was a single mother of a toddler and, after many years of living on my own, I was once again under my parent’s roof, a situation that proved challenging for all involved. The stress took its toll on my body mind and spirit.

Within one or two months of regular adjustments with Dr. Lauren, I was able to walk tall and pick up my daughter again. This was a great relief! I continued to get adjustments (on a maintenance basis) and within 6 months many things shifted in my life. I found full-time work in my field, moved out of my parents’ house, and met my wonderful husband to-be. We married two years later. It all felt like a miracle. Sometimes I still can’t believe how well things turned out. In retrospect, I believe that the combined crises were indeed a gift that led to the healing sessions with Dr. Lauren. The adjustments (and other healing options she provides) helped create space on a physical, mental and emotional level for many good things to come into my life.

These days my husband, daughter, sister, and I all see Dr. Lauren regularly. She has been a blessing to our family and we are so grateful for her and her good work.
June Cook

I came to Dr. Lauren's office through fate, truly. Fortunately one of Lauren's clients came to my workplace on a day that my back was "out". You know the feeling, when you walk and one of your hips is sort of off to the side because your left leg feels 3 inches shorter than your right? Anyway, this client said that she had this FABULOUS chiropractor and that I should go to see her because she was simply amazing! I am usually fairly skeptical but was in such discomfort that I was ready to try just about anything. As fate would have it, not only was this client absolutely correct in her assessment, but that first visit completely changed my life.

When you first enter Dr. Lauren's office there is an energy unlike any other that you will experience. It is calming and serene and empowering all at the same time. Prior to this visit, I didn't even really understand energy or life force but I surely get it now! Dr. Lauren helps you heal from the inside out. Too often our physical maladies are the result of what is "brewing" inside. When I first came to her, my 20 year marriage was ending, I had to move out of my home, my ex and I work together every day, and as a result of all of that, I was fairly isolated and questioning many of my core life values. Basically that spells major S-T-R-E-S-S.

Dr. Lauren has helped me unravel the mine field by sorting through what serves me and what does not. The things that do not serve us must be gotten rid of; they are a form of poison to your well-being. We started with chiropractic – BUT OHHH, there is SO much more going on in that little office!

Dr. Lauren uses essential oils, flower essences (I call them magic potions…they help you cope with the immediate issues and struggles at hand,) and color in her healing as well as the laying on of hands with Reiki… and just comforting touch. She has a knack for understanding your key issues (even if they are unspoken) and asking things of you that are not only thought provoking but that provide excellent perspective to assist in moving you through your chosen obstacles. I could go on and on and on. Please, do yourself an enormous favor and come and join our group. There are spiritual meetings the first Monday of every month that are not only informative, but fun!!
Barbara Haig

This past year has been such an unexpected, life changing adventure. I never expected that what I thought would be a simple part time job could change my life. Dr. Lauren has helped me grow, shift and change in ways I didn’t even know I needed to. A year later, I feel like a new person, as if a weight that I had gotten way too familiar with finally lifted. It’s great to be me again!
Patty Bergiven

Dr. Lauren Nappen has helped me immensely. By trade she is a chiropractor but I know her to be much more. After going to her for a short time my 5 year back problem dissipated. Her various healing modalities along with her exceptional insightfulness, intuition and wisdom continued to help me with life issues. She taught me a new way of looking at things as well as a new way to deal with them. I was able to move forward with not only my health issues but also with my life. All I can say is - “Thanks Lauren. You are one of a kind and I would be lost without you!!”
Denise Timofai

Years ago I saw a crack’m and snap’m chiropractor. I wasn’t convinced it was of any value. My wife had been going to a chiropractor that she said helped her. I waited until I hurt my back and then went to see Lauren. Personality alone would have got me to return but she actually helped! Nothing like being surprised! That was at least 10 years ago. Since then I have herniated a disk that was extraordinarily painful and only got pills from my MD. Lauren alleviated the pain and literally got me back on my feet. I now go regularly to keep things where they belong. Lauren’s obvious caring and welcome contribute to a feeling of well being. And the little fuzzy helpers make you feel at home.    “This stuff” does work when the right Dr. is doing it!
Bill B.

Dr. Lauren’s healing techniques are like prayers in affirmation of the higher forces always present around us. Her healing is embedded in positive intentionality, focused energy and a higher knowing; her flower essences drawn from the purity and wisdom of nature. To choose this path to healing is to reach into the infinite where we all belong in our quest for oneness and synergy with the universe.
Elisa M. Simon, M.Ed Grades 7-9

Her healing, her hands, her art, her heart, her creativity; it opens up a space within you and within this space you can heal. You just have to say YES. No more sinus headaches or sneezing with seasonal allergies for me! Constant sickness is a thing of the past. My crooked spine is now quite healthy and happily curved. My immune system is doing very, very, very well. If I have to fight something off from the inside out, I CAN. I laugh hard and cry deeply with great clarity. This is good; really, really good. Life is fun, sometimes not, but one might as well have a full tank and be well lubed while playing!

Dr. Lauren has also been incredible with my daughter Maxine, the equestrian. She has met with planet earth quite harshly a few times. Instead of living on Motrin for headaches, Maxine finally allowed her body the grace of healing through Lauren’s touch…hip, hip, hooray!
Alexandra Durbetaki (Alexandra is celebrating her 10 yr. anniversary of weekly, wellness care.)

First and foremost it is the best chiropractic care I have ever received. Within weeks of beginning care my life started to adjust to a more natural rhythm of being. At times the work was cataclysmic, but hindsight reminds me that it was necessary. Now I find it hard to believe that I used to think my life was good and I was happy. Now that I am awake, I’m really happy!

Secondly, it is like eating from The Tree of Knowledge. Before coming to Dr. Lauren I had essentially drugged myself emotionally. Whether it was out of fear or just inability, I don’t know, but I was not addressing my life. I still have a great deal of work to do but I have been on fast forward since coming to her. I can now say that I am enjoying the journey!
Marty Biggs (Her commitment to her healing paved the way for courageous decisions that have allowed her to relocate, creating the life she has dreamed about.)

I have been coming to see Dr. Lauren since 1999. I used to travel to Philadelphia and Glenside with my sister to get adjusted. I started getting adjusted in my 30’s due to my ‘nerves.’ It helps with aches and pains. I stay healthy over all – no colds or flu in many years. It calms me down. I’ll be 92 this August. I’m still vital. I garden and grow lima beans, make and freeze preserves. I make great strawberry rhubarb pie. It keeps me busy. I’m glad I can still drive so I can get to my chiropractic appointment every 2 weeks.
Minnie Brinker (Minnie has since made her transition back to spirit. It was an honor to be of service to her.)

“What are we doing after school today mom?” asked my kids.

“We’re going to Dr. Lauren’s,” I replied.

Getting adjusted each week has become part of our weekly routine. Our entire family has been coming to see Dr. Lauren for about 10 years. I started after the birth of my son for back pain. Then my husband injured his neck and being a skeptic wasn’t sure what to do. I suggested he try seeing Dr. L. He was hesitant at first but once he went he was hooked. Now he goes once or twice a week to help with everyday stress and just plain hectic living. My son and daughter have been seeing her since they were 2 and 3 years old. They are teenagers now and our life schedule is very crazy, but getting to Dr. Lauren’s is part of the routine, a VERY necessary part. Through her ahhhjusting we have stayed healthy and maintained a balanced life.

Dr. Lauren also incorporates flower essences, reiki, natural vitamins and blended sessions to help maintain your body. I have used them all at different points in time and I can say they work. I’ve gotten relief on many levels and am always greeted with new awareness of myself.

My son plays ice hockey and he comes to Dr. Lauren when certain parts of his body need a pick me up. I can say that I will come and see Dr. Lauren before I go to the regular Dr. and that goes for my entire family. Chiropractic care is not a cure all but it sure helps to keep the wellness in our family.
Sandy Patullo

Getting aligned is so much more than pain relief. It brings you to a different way of being. For debilitating neck spasms, traditional medicine prescribed first muscle relaxants, then, when that treatment made the spasms worse, could only throw up its hands and declare that valium would change my reaction to stress; ergo, rid me of the neck spasms that had me looking at the world cockeyed and crying in spasmodic pain whenever someone made me laugh. But I took one look at the script, thought of “Valley of the Dolls,” and tossed it. At the urging of co-workers I took my crooked self off to the dreaded “bone cracker.” I figured the worst that could happen was that they’d break my neck and the pain would be gone.

25++ years later chiropractic has become my “go to” for general health care (not that I neglect traditional check-ups and exams,) and I firmly believe and know to be true that it has kept my Spiritual Self intact and functioning through some difficult times. I am often surprised by the power and success of the other gifts she brings to the plate (Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Reiki, Reconnective Healing) since they tend to be part of the ‘truly alternative category,’ yet they are now a regular part of how I care for myself and my son. There is, and always has been, with Dr. Lauren a sense of reconnecting with something…and not just C2/C3! It’s clear she’s been connecting people to themselves the whole time.
Nan J.

I’ve been coming to see Dr. Lauren for nearly 12 years; first to help me move through some really tough life choices and since then, to keep myself on my right and true path. Quite simply this is a place of encouragement, enlightenment and enchantment. When you pull into the driveway it is as if you have come home to enjoy a baby bear’s porridge… ‘just right.’ The experiences with Dr. Lauren keep you in tune with yourself, your true self. This place is a perfectly composed spiritual symphony.
Celeste D.

I met Lauren about a year ago when I ended up at the door to her sanctuary, a bit disheveled and very much worse for wear. Coming wasn’t my idea anyhow; let’s just say the Spirit moved me. I was days away from tearing apart my old life and still unconscious of that fact when I made the appointment. I had no physical aches or pains so I wasn’t even sure why I would be going to this chiropractor. And meeting her, through her website told me GO.

Lauren has changed my life on so many levels. I found myself shaken and fearful as I moved into a different reality. It was a very scary place and time for me. Yes there was joy and delight in new discovery and there were also shadows and ‘dark night of the soul’ time. Through it all, I felt safe because Lauren was always there and so I could continue; continue to challenge and wrestle with old beliefs, try on new ways of thinking and of being in this world. It was exciting, scary, joyful, sad, yet always safe.

I’m really not sure how she did it; allowing me to walk my own path with support for each step, encouraging me to take ‘my’ step without pushing or pulling in any of her own ‘best for me’ direction. Just keeping me safe and warm and watching me ‘grow myself up’. That has been a gift to me beyond compare. It has left me feeling more at ease and knowing about this new direction. It feels like my whole life compass has changed and I’m good with that. Good with wondering what will happen next on this wild and wonderful spiritual journey. Working with Lauren is not just about her incredible skills as a chiropractor and energy healer, it’s about becoming empowered by developing your own skills in working with the energies God has put here for us to use. I have taken Reiki and Bach Flower Essence classes with Lauren. She is an inspired and inspiring teacher who puts you in touch with the power you already have for affecting your own healing. Lauren’s caring guidance has been a joy and a pleasure and I look forward to continuing our learning together.
Donna Jo Landes

I wanted to let you know that I credit you as one of the five most influential people in motivating me to move forward with my new business and I will always be appreciative of this. Things are going great but I still have a huge job ahead of me putting my marketing plan in place and growing the business enough to be able to support my family. Couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks!
Court Ebeling

I brought my son in to see Dr. Lauren after discussing with her some of the difficulties he's had since birth (complicated birth, falling down a set of stairs and neurological problems.) Some of the effects resulted in my son drawing inward emotionally, becoming less animated and having involuntary ticks. Ever since we started with Dr. Lauren my son has shown definite signs of progress. With chiropractic care and nutritional advice my son has grown more calm, relaxed, animated and talkative. During the course of his treatment, Dr. Lauren brought to our attention that some of his neurological problems may have been related to a corn allergy and when we removed corn from his diet we could see his ticks decrease dramatically. The other afternoon my son told me a joke and when I looked over at him, I saw a little twinkle in his eyes! I haven't seen that twinkle in a very long time. Thank you Dr. Lauren for brightening his light!
Elizabeth P.

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