Years ago when I first started practice I used to set aside time to visit other chiropractors hoping to glean a deeper understanding of just how powerful the adjustment was. School is a cocoon as are seminars and weekend events. They are the stepping-stones of a new reality, yet it is up to us to figure out how to walk the path.

One particularly powerful and gentle chiropractor had beautifully written and framed his ‘raison d’etre,’ his reason for being. It hung in his reception area for all to see. As our time together came to a close he pulled me aside and said that discovering my reason for being would be one of the most important things I ever did. The exact moment of discovery would yield a certainty and knowingness that would spill forth through my heart and hands, settling any unanswered questions that lay dormant. He was right.

Thirsty for the end result, I went searching for my reason like a diligent schoolgirl desperately trying to get the “A,” which of course would signal that I had “Arrived.” I thought I knew simply because I had graduated. How’s that for a sign of my naiveté! Clearly I lacked the wisdom that only comes from living and adjusting and being. No matter how many drafts I scripted, in the end that’s all they were…romantic, poetic, enthusiastic scripts.

Through the last 18 years I have seen people come in with such hardship and challenge that one can only imagine how they muddled through. I have often pondered why I was so blessed to be the one holding their hand as they traversed the obstacle course of life. Eventually I stopped wondering and began to trust the organization that is the universe.

More often than not, I have been humbled by the resiliency of the human spirit and the staggering and stunning power that offers and affords us life. I am reduced to laughter and tears at the most unexpected times. To share in the joys and the sorrows of someone’s journey, to deliver first ah-h-hjustments to newborns and watch them grow, to render a final ah-h-hjustment as someone decides to transition back to pure light, love and spirit…these are my reasons for being.

“You cannot see your reflection in running water, only in still water.” As I begin my 19th year in practice this Zen saying has real meaning and I can truly reflect on my raison d’etre. I know it is to provide sanctuary so you can consider letting contentment come knock at your door, it is to help soften and release you from the obstacles, let the universe heal, and be the still water that reflects your own revolution and evolution of spirit.

With the aid of Mother Nature and your inner nature, and through physical alignment we are graced with the promise and spirit of human renewal…the sum total becomes the ah-h-hjustment. Surrounded by green, ignited by fire, settled by walking your heart’s path, magic happens here all of the time and miracles are normal! It is my honor, and my living prayer to contribute to your experience of health, well-being and wholeness.

All that from and ah-h-h-justment you wonder? You bet!

Always live in the direction of your joy,


Locally grown!
In private practice serving our community since 1993

Bachelor of Arts, Hofstra University, 1987
Doctorate of Chiropractic, Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, 1993 Graduating with Top Honors, Clinical Excellence Award, Philosophy Award
Continuous Post Graduate Studies in a variety of chiropractic techniques, specializing in low force adjusting styles such as Network Spinal Analysis, Biogeometric Integration, Torque Release Technique, and Koren Specific Techinque

Reiki Practitioner 1987– present
Reiki Master Teacher 2004

Flower Essence Practitioner and Certified Teacher
Skilled in the expert use of over 500 different flower essences…
Bach Flower Registered Practitioner and Certified Teacher for Bach International Education Program

Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist
Skilled in the application of over 200 Plant Essences, offering a critical level of biodiversity essential to healing.

Reconnective Healing Pracitioner
Certified in Reconnective Healing and in The Reconnection®

Creator of Vital Expressions
A philosophically/spiritually based communications company which assisted other chiropractors nationwide in the education of the people they serve as to the benefits of lifetime spinal alignment.

Creator of the In Perfect Alignment Seminar Series
A multi-faceted, experiential presentation highlighting the wonders of tone, vibration, balance, alignment and stillness and how these concepts create different realities in our experience of life and health.

Creator of Wellth of Soulutions
A monthly gathering allowing for the release of perceptions that limit our vision and experience of ourselves. Working with Light, and the support of others in attendance, this time of reflection allows for an increase in awareness of the Spiritual Energy that empowers and embraces the best in all of us.

Frequent Speaker at Chiropractic Colleges and Seminars
Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, New Beginnings, Masterpiece Training Camp, Bucks County Community College (Life Long Learning Program, A Day for All Women,) Guest Lecturer Rosemont Junior College, Dept. Of Health Sciences

Natural Born Healer, Spiritual intuitive, Interfaith Minister, Catalyst for Change, Visionary, Witness and Author