It’s powerful. It’s penetrating. It’s profoundly transformative.
It’s essential. And it’s a very special personal experience.

The Blended Session is a deeply intuitive session that incorporates all of the healing instruments offered at ah-h-h-justing to life.

This loving session is where the tools of sound, tone, scent and touch come together in pure perfection. The resultant healing synergy travels straight to your core, shifting and changing anchored patterns, igniting emotional honesty and stability. Within this nurturing and safe cocoon you will gain a fresh and powerful experience of yourself. Your body and spirit will be nourished energetically, the changes in tone anchored neurologically.

I’ll Have What She’s Having
You may not recognize yourself when you leave…your eyes will sparkle and dance in ways you haven’t seen before, your smile will be generous, your spirit will be gently laughing, having reconnected with a place you may have felt you had lost all contact with. You will leave serene, smiling and speechless, filled with the creative spark of possibility.

You will know joy.

The eyes are the windows to the soul and they say that when they sparkle and dance, spirit is smiling through you.

There is only one moment in time when it is essential to awaken.
That moment is now.