The act of laying hands on a wounded part to comfort and relieve pain is as old as instinct. Throughout the ages, we can trace back through every culture a healing tradition that has used ‘hands on healing’ to channel universal life force for the promotion and restoration of health. The power of touch, infused with spirit and love creates the space for magic to happen. Some say these changes are miracles. Healers and sages know them as the most natural and normal thing in the world.

Sparks. Miracles. Motion.
Reiki Energy is one such ‘hands on healing’ art form. It is a simple and naturally effective method of healing that augments the life force energy that flows within and around us, animating every step we take. It is borne of the same energy that originally sparks and sets the miracle of life into motion.

Deep Nourishment
Reiki can relieve symptoms, reduce pain, soften emotional distress, relax tense muscles, speed digestion, and stimulate the immune system. She goes where she is needed most, assisting the body in reclaiming itself, by deeply nourishing your spirit, quieting your mind, and opening your heart. This gentle application of energy restores balance and harmony to any living thing.

Calming, soothing, and nurturing, Reiki always heals and always enhances the quality of life.