Flower Essences…Subtly in Motion

Flower Essences are water based, liquid infusions of botanical intelligence. As one of the subtlest tools of the Vibrational Healing Arts and Energy Medicine, they gently and safely assist us in transforming places of challenge that threaten and confine our successful expression in life. Shifting these vibrations within, no matter how subtle, is the turning point where dis-ease disappears.

Used successfully worldwide, the positive virtues of the flowers harmonize and raise the vibrations of our inner world so we can walk away from habits and choices that have imprisoned us. We can address addictive patterns, release the grip of past traumas, create healthy emotional boundaries, and negotiate life transitions in any arena. Their relational nature partners well with soul development, seamlessly strengthening the positive qualities of our characters and reminding us of our inner brilliance.

Mystery and Magic
Deep within their mystery is their ability to address any issue, character trait or behavior from any perspective: the places you don’t wish to be in or the ones you wish to travel towards.
What do you need?
A Spark of Creativity?
A Flash of Clarity?
A Fire Under Your Tush?
A Dose of Much Needed Courage?
A Reminder of Your Brilliant Nature?

Safe for all ages, they are non-toxic, exhibit no side effects whatsoever, and are an excellent compliment to all other healing instruments. Their application in day-to-day living is endless. Smiling becomes your new habit as emotions balance, depression and negativity lift, attitudes change and those feelings of being stuck begin to dissolve.

Nature never deceives us; it is we who deceive ourselves.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

After we have learned to use the energy of the seas and the tides and the sky, After we have understood the sun, We will harness the greatest force of all the universe…
And then…humanity will discover for the second time,
Teilhard d’Chardin

…so long as our Souls and personalities are in harmony, all is joy and peace, happiness and health.
Dr. Edward Bach

The List
Drawing from a variety of Flower Essence Repertoires, we can choose from over 500 essences to create a divine recipe that will successfully transform your potential for manifesting a joyful life.

Just a Few Examples of Essences

White Chestnut
Quiets the mind from repetitive thoughts that create a merry-go-round of mental exhaustion.

Wild Oat
What do I want to be when I grow up? How do I find my purpose, my inner calling?

Larch assists us in continuing to take steps when we doubt our abilities. She provides for self-confidence, spontaneity and creative expression. She dissolves our expectations of failure.

Radiant Inner Light! Buttercup addresses issues of low self worth or our inability to acknowledge our own uniqueness.

Trusting yourself and what you know. Trusting your intuition, providing you with a sense of inner certainty.

Minimizes impossibly high standards that lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and thinking one is incapable of completing the required tasks.

Mangano Calcite
This is a gentle and soft gem essence that has a very protective energy. She assists us in experiencing absolute safety in the heart while staying present with and working through emotional pain that feels dark and challenging. She gives strength and support, creating a womb-like matrix for healing.