Medicinal Aromatherapy
Essential Oils are liquid gold. They contain the most easily available combination of matter, energy, chemistry and healing information. Since the beginning of time they have been used medicinally, internally and externally, to harmonize imbalances of fungal, bacterial, and viral growth within our bodies. They regenerate tissue, stimulate nerves, oxygenate cells and disperse nutrients. A single drop of an essential oil can contain upwards of 50,000 different chemicals that support your healing process.

Inhale, Exhale
With one inhalation the journey of gently harmonizing a wide range of dis-ease and illness begins. Their scent winds its way back to the emotional/spiritual challenge that preceded the onset of physical symptoms and in an instant the process of empowering positive attributes begins.

As you breathe deeply, the living plant wisdom initiates an amazing conversation between your head and heart. The spiritual dimension of aromatherapy easily and profoundly addresses deep, emotional wounds, encouraging you to relax, expand and move towards love. They create the space so you can acknowledge those places of tension that keep you angry, resentful, unforgiving and afraid. In an instant you are opened and expanded, reconnected to compassion, love and trust.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…you will feel the sigh of relief within your soul.

What they Will and Won’t Do
They will not perform magic tricks even though they are magical.
They will not predict the future even though they offer vision.
They will not give you a photographic memory for the details of everyday errands, but they will give you a snap shot of remembering yourself.

They are serious about making you whole.

With over 200 Essential oils on hand, we can easily choose from a bio-diverse platform of individual oils to find the perfect essence to achieve your goals.

When the soul approaches the mysteries, when it tries to rally to the great spiritual principles, the perfumes are there.
Marguerite Maury

Just A Few Examples

Fir Needle, Siberian Silver
She is a delightful essence that exudes soft, loving transformation. Firs are protective in a quiet and serene way. They are wonderful for stress and tension, grounding and inner strength. They are very useful for sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, and adrenal overload.

Lavender, Spike
She is the ‘Visine’ of essential oils. She gets the red out! She calms any heated or inflammatory process, physically and emotionally/spiritually. Use for cuts, scrapes, burns, headaches, overheated emotions, stress, and temper tantrums. Lavender calms the spirit, opens and relaxes the heart, and reminds us of grace.

The Cedarwoods are gentle giants of comfort, compassion and strength. When we live too hard, love too much and have lost our ability to forgive, Cedarwood helps us find our way home. She is a detoxifier, an antiseptic of body and spirit, and enhances adrenal function.